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About Paperbilities

Welcome to Paperbilities, a content platform that aims to inspire creative campaigners. Our quarterly magazine and monthly digital content are built to stimulate new ideas, inform about the latest design trends and support your creative efforts in an ever-changing world.

We believe that inspiration comes from great relationships, and we endeavor to build one with the creative community by listening and creating engaging content. While we produce some of the most compelling substrates for designers, we believe true value no longer stems from products alone. We realize that to be truly valuable to a community, you must sincerely invest in the relationship.

Paperbilities Online includes additional content to support creatives and is distributed through email and social networks while being archived on www.paperbilities.com.

About Convertible Solutions

What’s in a Name?

Company names often have little to do with an organization or its visions. Family names, cute plays on words, or tricky marketing gimmicks are fairly common in the corporate name game. In the case of Convertible Solutions however, our name tells our whole story.

The use of the word “Solutions” implies that there is an opportunity or challenge that needs to be solved. The challenge, in this case, was the incompatibility of product conversion with the typically shorter run, digital printing industry. Fulfillment conversion had always required considerable over runs for set-up, extended lead times, and high volumes to reach an affordable price level. Our parent company, Inter-State Studio & Publishing of Sedalia, Missouri felt this pain in their own extensive digital school photo and yearbook print operations, and so, out of that need, Convertible Solutions was born.

“Convertible” refers to our comprehensive line of products that easily transform, or “convert” from the simple printed sheet into exciting final products, complete with various glue strips and perforations, peel-open tabs and windows, or card thicknesses you never imagined from your digital print equipment.

For more than 10 years, Convertible Solutions has been creating innovative, “pre-converted” solutions for the digital print industry, allowing you to produce short run and/or variable data jobs in only the quantity needed, and deliver finished, converted pieces with no outsourcing required.

Just Print It, Convert It, Deliver It, and Get Paid right now!

Convertible Solutions – Converting Customers Into Friends Since 2005