5 things every creative should know

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And why trying them matters

Creatives are a different type. They originate. Absorb. Adapt. And when everything falls into place, they inspire. To create work that helps tell stories, you have to follow your own path. Karina Wilsher, Global COO of advertising firm Anomaly, offers five paths that every creative should follow:

1. Embrace diversity

This is the mother of all creativity. Design is not about meeting quotas or ticking boxes; it is born out of different perspectives and great debate. Embrace different ages, nationalities and perspectives. You cannot get to the richest creative expressions if you do not have diverse thinkers.

2. Destroy silos

No matter where your creative path takes you, always remember to dip out of the silo you are operating in to expand your definition of creativity.

3. Embrace the modern speed of making

Budgets. Deadlines. Every creative is bound by the rules of any given project. But if you have the right approach and the right thinkers, your inspiration can take you higher. Get used to making quickly but brilliantly, and use every piece of technology at your disposal.

4. Own it (everything)

Be accountable for your work and treat everything you do as if it is your company. Treat every opportunity as if it is your money, product and brand. This will give you a different level of application and allow you to be successful.

5. Be unreasonable

Never accept the status quo, i.e., the process and rules that have gone before. Challenge the status quo, be unreasonable and embrace change.